Hey You,

Thanks for stopping by, I’m SO glad you’re here! Take some time to check out what Wellness Life Coaching is all about, and what you and I can do together. {I’ll give you a hint: we’re gonna kick butt!!}

Do you have an awesome job, a loving family, a supportive partner BUT something is still missing and you feel so incredibly guilty for feeling that way?

Are you finally feeling motivated to lose some of that weight, but you don’t even know where to start or what you need (what the hell is “Tabata”)?

Are you feeling the love towards your partner and wanting to find some time to connect, but you have a sick kid hanging on you and you haven’t showered in two days (and who knows how long it’s been since you shaved your legs)?

Do you feel the “urge to purge” but the piles of school papers, “to do” lists and bills are so overwhelming that you literally feel buried and just slam the drawer shut in disgust?

Do you have every intention of eating steamed broccoli for dinner, but the pint of ice cream is just so much easier to grab?

I hear you girl . . . been there and done that! So let me help you! We can conquer the piles and pints and fitness mysteries! You WILL find time to take a shower, shave your legs AND get some lovin’ from your partner. And that guilty feeling of wanting “more” or “better” . . . that’s allowed and you’ll get there, because it’s your right!

I will guide you to embrace being “selfish” (it’s not a dirty word)!!! In fact, it’s a must! When you take care of your whole self, taking the time for YOU . . . you will kick butt in your life AND have more energy and desire to be an awesome mom, partner, friend and human being! {Damn girl! Wouldn’t that feel good?}

All the answers are right inside your beautiful self, and you will find them . . . with some help from me. I don’t give advice or hold your hand. I teach you tools to access your inner wisdom and encourage you to trust your OWN guidance. I push you, I call you out, I challenge your thoughts, I keep you accountable. It’s tough love with lots of fresh perspectives and butt kicking . . . AND compassion and support sprinkled in, of course!!

With life coaching . . .
  • You will feel beautiful, energized and smokin’ hot!
  • You will stop living by accident, life can be way better . . . you deserve better.
  • You will eat intentionally without feeling deprived . . . and even crave that broccoli!
  • You will feel damn good in your favorite pair of jeans, need I say more?
  • You will learn to listen to your inner wisdom, she’s got a lot to say.
  • You will learn that “selfish” is NOT a dirty word!
  • You will kick butt in your life and be an awesome human being because you are taking care of your whole self!

We will do all of this together.
  • It won’t be easy, but it’s sooooo worth it!
  • You will fall . . . hard . . . but that’s ok!
  • You WILL get back up, sometimes with my help, but mostly on your own and that will feel damn powerful!
  • You will brush yourself off and keep moving, because that is what it’s all about.
  • Moving from where you ARE to where you WANT to be.

When you are finished with my Wellness Life Coaching Program . . . I will send you off doing your happy dance while shouting, “It’s ok to be selfish . . . it fact, it’s a must! When I take care of ME, I kick butt in my life AND I have the energy and desire to be an awesome mom, partner, friend and human being! Watch out World . . . here I come!”

Damn Girl . . . let’s get started!

your life . . . your way . . . xo, amy