Hey You,

I’m Amy Davis . . . Certified Life Coach, fiercely loving momma, warm hearted “Leo” and a recovering perfectionist.

I adore helping women nourish themselves inside and out so they feel beautifully blissful . . . living as kick ass moms, partners, friends and human beings.

Even as a mom and wife with amazing kiddos and a loving hubby, I STILL struggled for years feeling angry, resentful, overwhelmed, tired and hating most of my body parts. It sucked. But through a shit ton of hard work, some whining and “failures” and steadfast support from my beautiful friends and family . . . I am totally BLISSED OUT on my life. I now find time EVERY-SINGLE-DAY to nourish myself (even if it’s only 10 minutes) and those feelings I struggled with for way too many years are gone! I can help you FEEL blissed out on life too!

This journey together won’t be easy, but it will be SO worth it. When you take care of your whole self, taking the time for YOU . . . you WILL have the sparkle and spirit to be a kick ass momma, partner, friend, co worker, sister . . . and just feel beautifully blissed out on life (damn girl, wouldn’t that feel fabulous)!!

xo, amy